Every Steps Count: Walking While on a Keto Diet

Every time I mentioned with my friends that apart from doing ketogenic diet I also workout 45 minutes to an hour four to five times per week, they immediately ask me this question, “Do you want to be sexy?!” which I also respond with, “Ofcourse not!”

Someone once stated that “It is wrong to believe that a woman’s self-worth is determined by the shape of her body or the color and smoothness of her skin.” I agree completely. We are all unique and beautiful creations, and each of us is unique. We are perfect in the eyes of the One who stoops to shape us. We are to love our bodies, care for them, and be good stewards of them. As we live in this world, healthy living, which includes regular exercise, adequate rest, healthy eating, and healthy relationships, is essential.

Many of my friends who tried keto diet did not last long and eventually gave up; however, I find this diet to be effective and sustainable. Since I’ve already reached my weight goal, I can indulge in some of my favorite foods without jeopardizing the numbers of my weighing scale and tape measure. The key is discipline. Regular exercise also helps, though it can be difficult for keto dieters to do certain exercises such as high intensity exercises especially on keto days. Many keto dieters I know complain about having difficulty exercising while adhering to a strict keto diet. They stated that they quickly get tired and are unable to continue. I do not disagree, I felt the same on my first few days. But then again, as they’ve said, “if there’s a will there’s a way.” Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to take everything all at once. There is no short-cut in getting fit. Start slow and a low-impact exercise such as walking is beneficial when following a ketogenic diet.

Walking barefoot in the sand and feeling the earth is relaxing.

Benefits of Walking

People who have recently begun a ketogenic diet experience many changes, one of which is easy fatiguability. So, how can you exercise if you’re already tired? I didn’t exercise for two weeks after starting the ketogenic diet to give my body time to adjust to the effects of the diet. However, because I work in healthcare and walking is a big part of my job, I still get the physical activity that I need. 

Walking is an excellent type of exercise, and doing it regularly has a lot of advantages for your general health. A 30-minute moderate-paced walk will burn 82-85 calories. This calculation is based on my 110-pound weight. Calories Burned From Exercise can be calculated using an online calculator. Some phones include a built-in step counter with the calorie equivalent and a “move” reminder if it detects that you are sitting for an extended period of time. This auto-reminder will assist you in staying on track and reaching your stand or steps goal more quickly.

Walking is an ideal exercise for those following a strict ketogenic diet, low carb intermittent fasting (LCIF), and even those eating only one meal a day (OMAD). Walking is a good cardio exercise that also burns calories, as previously stated. If you want to increase your heart rate, walk faster than you normally would. Increasing the pace and elevation of your workout increases the intensity. Increase the length of your walk to burn more calories.

Walking does not have to appear to be a punishment to yourself. No rush, but take your time. I go for a walk in the morning, just before the sun comes up. Every day, I walk 4-5 kilometers on alternate routes, then stop at the market and shop something for lunch and return home. Listening to music, or listening to encouraging talks and meditations, can help you finish your goal without even realizing it. Some people are discussing business on their mobile phones while doing a brisk walk.

You can also go on a virtual walk with a distanced friend or loved one. A virtual walk is a good type of date if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Ask him to put on his workout clothes and join you on a walk. You can still talk while walking while also showing each other the environment in which you are both walking. But be cautious. Consider where you step, whether you’re crossing the street, climbing the footbridge, or walking on empty corridors and streets.

Walking is also beneficial to one’s mental health. Walking, like any other form of exercise, can improve one’s mood. Walking, according to research, not only improves cardiac health but also reduces depression and fatigue. I used to be skeptical of this, but now when I’m down and out, I don’t reach for a box of chocolates to cheer myself up; instead, I put on my gym clothes and get moving. My spirit is warming up alongside my body. It also encourages creativity.

A 10-minute walk on your way to work not only improves your mood but also makes you more creative and full of ideas. So why not? Fresh air and increased physical activity will relax your nerves, causing your thoughts to wander, loosen you up, and help relieve stress, allowing new ideas to flow freely with all those “ah-ha!” moments. Walking also allows you to think more clearly. Have you ever seen your boss walking back and forth while thinking? Most of the time, I do.

Walking with family strengthens family relationships while also promoting a healthy lifestyle to all family members.

So, how are you going to get to 10,000 steps?

Instead of sitting in front of the television watching endless videos or scrolling through your social media feeds, you can walk on the treadmill. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, park your car further away from your jobsite, walk your children to school, or walk your dog. If they don’t have a dog, some people walk their cats. If the market isn’t too far away, walk there instead of driving (or riding your scooter). If you still want to walk back home with your bags of groceries, go ahead. Walking while carrying heavy bags is an excellent form of exercise! Sometimes I’m dictating on my phone while walking around our rooftop! Just keep moving. 

There is even an article that claims “walking can increase longevity,” but other factors, such as healthy eating or diet, stressors, sleep pattern, and so on, confound that claim. My point is that those on a low-carb or keto diet can incorporate walking as a form of exercise into their fitness routine. If you want to lose weight, combining physical activity  with diet is an effective way. If your goal is to just keep your body healthy, you must remain active for at least 30 minutes per day, and the best way to do so is to put on good, comfortable shoes and go for a nice walk – the mall, park, beach, neighborhood, parks, museum.

In a conclusion, this is more of loving our bodies. Remember to remind yourself every morning when you wake up that your body is the only one you have. You must take good care of it. You must develop a passion for self-care. Invest in yourself, and you will discover that nothing in the world offers more benefits than your own body. The healthier you are, the more wealthy you will be.

Walk with your spouse, it’s a good bonding time.

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